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About us


GROUP-ARCH consists of the following companies: AA_Design (PL), AA_Studio (PL),Group-Arch Sp. z o.o.

However, all the employees of the above mentioned companies form one team of young, creative and hard working people.

Today this team totals 24.

Tomorrow, together with our Polish, Russian and Ukrainian sister companies, we will join forces to become stronger and to better fulfil the requirements connected with large-scale investments that we are participating in.

Simultaneously, for three years we have been building up our external team of subcontractors, working closely together with freelance architects, our subcontractoring teams and 3D specialists. In total - there are 24 specialists supporting us in our work.

We have been working on various projects for international and local companies based in Poland and Russia for 8 years. This gives us the following advantages:
Familiarity with Polish and Russian investment realities
Considerable experience of cooperation in local conditions
Partnerships with local specialists and consultants both in Poland and Russia
Knowledge to assist our clients throughout the projects duration
Familiarity with retail investment

Our offices are well equipped with professional and legal software (we work with Auto Cad, Photo Shop, Corel Draw, Max Studio and other useful packages), and our architects and designers know how to use these packages to a high level.


We are interested in:
Eastern markets - because we acquired experience and huge potential of development in that area.
Polish market - because of our origins
European market - because of Polands accession to the European Union - we believe that with our experience and competitive prices we can develop interesting offer for our Clients.


We have experience of leading large scale projects (we worked on several projects of 100 000 - 400 000sqm)
We specialize in commercial property. This covers various public buildings, factories, logistic centres, offices, houses and interiors..
We have a good understanding of the project management processes and of the role the Architect plays in it.
We can easily communicate with Russian and other international participants in the process (our Architects, apart from Polish, speak Russian, English, German or French)
We have acquired the knowledge in the scope of cooperation with the biggest construction companies on the market (BOUYGUES INTERNATIONAL, VINCI GRAND PROJECTS, TRASKO, ENKA, EVROSTROY, SKANSKA etc.)


Group-Arch works at each stage of the project doing:
Feasibility studies which help to understand the site and propose possibilities for it's future investment
Concept work
Projects for obtaining the building permits
Executive projects
Follow-up work
As-built projects

At the request of our clients we have developed commercial booklets, folders, animations and various presentations.

Group-Arch is able to take over the project as the General Designer through joining forces with reliable subcontractors (construction, M&EP and other stages of the project).


adaptable to different situations
ready to develop
eager to learn
flexible to move
not afraid of big scale projects
interested in new exciting challenges.

We are young, vigorous, ambitious and multilingual company. With pleasure and enthusiasm our highly educated staff fulfils the needs of Clients and undertakes all challenges of designing.